PVC windows, patio doors and entrance doors are a good option for your new or renovated home and they offer many benefits. Their thermal and acoustic performances are very good (double glazing and multiple insulation chambers in the frame and the opening against cold and noise). The PVC material is relatively resistant, in particular to climatic vagaries (UV, rain, snow ...). Moreover, it is custom-made and adapts well to the different openings and facades and is available in a wide range of colors and wooden decorations to easily personalize your home.


The windows can be manufactured in fixed, bellows, French opening or tilt and turn to conveniently ventilate your home.


We offer a wide range of PVC entrance doors with contemporary or more classical styles to harmonize at best with your home.


The improvement of the thermal insulation provided by the replacement of your old joinery by PVC joinery makes it possible to save energy and to benefit from a reduced VAT and a tax credit (under certain conditions: "Ma Prime Renov").


We sell and install OKNOPLAST PVC joinery that we will advise according to your needs.


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