Windows, patio doors, sliding doors and aluminum entrance doors are a good option for your new or renovated home and they offer many benefits.

Aluminum is a unique material with many advantages. It is both:

Lightweight, resistant (corrosion, weathering, ...) and stable, incombustible and which does not emit toxic fumes in case of fire, recyclable and therefore more ecological, aesthetics with fine profiles (which makes it possible to have a larger surface area and therefore more light), easy to maintain, decorative (available in multiple colors and finishes), but also insulating (it meets the current thermal requirements and can accommodate high-performance glazing).

Aluminum windows can be manufactured in sliding, fixed, bellows, French opening or tilt and turn to conveniently ventilate your home.

We also offer a wide range of aluminum entrance doors with contemporary or more classic styles to bebest harmonized with your home.

The improvement of the thermal insulation provided by the replacement of your old joineries by aluminum joinery makes it possible to save energy and in some cases to benefit from a reduced VAT and an energy bonus (Under certain conditions: "Ma Prime Rénov")

We sell and install SOMALU aluminum joinery that are made in France and we will advise you according to your needs.

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