The first function of a guardrail is to effectively prevent falls in the open air (stairs, balconies, roofs, terraces ...), as well as inside (stairs, outline of a mezzanine or a bearing…). Therefore, the installation must comply with standards and regulations that will differ according to the location of the railing (public place, private ...) and which will define its height, size and thickness.

A glass railing ensures safety with elegance and discretion while allowing the light to pass.

Our railings are made of laminated glass and can be designed for different types of fastening: rabbet, stainless steel clamps, spot fixing, on a hoof (rail on the ground) and with or without handrail.


The laminated glass gives the possibility of assembling different glazing and films (frosted glass, colored film, etc.) and can include decorative elements (sandblasted pattern on glass, laminated glass with fabric inclusion).

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