We supply, install and insure the replacement of all types of insulating glass or other glazing (clear glass, tempered glass, etc.).

We install glass in new buildings or renovations. We are equipped with a crane truck with lifting bezel with suction cups which allows us to carry out the laying of large volumes and to intervene in height.

We also replace broken, cracked or fogged glass.

We also propose the replacement of your old glazings by insulating windows of renovation (Neoclair type) which adapt to your old joineries.

Replacing old glazing makes it possible to improve the thermal insulation coefficient Ug of your windows, for example:

A single glazing of 4 mm has a coefficient Ug = 5.8 W / m2.K

An insulating 4G AIR 6MM glazing with two 4mm glasses and a 6mm air blade has a coefficient Ug = 3.1 W / m2.K

An insulating glazing 4G16 ITR with two 4mm glasses and a 16mm argon gas blade has a coefficient Ug = 1.1 W / m2.K


The improvement of the thermal insulation provided by the replacement of your old glazing with more efficient glazing allows to save energy and in some cases to benefit from a reduced VAT and a credit of Tax (under certain conditions: Energy transition tax credit)

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