The partitions and glass doors separate the rooms while bringing light, transparency and design to your interior.

They can take different forms:

• with several separate glass panes (artist’s studio type)

• or in one piece, with or without opening parts, fully glazed or only partially ...

These partitions and doors offer the possibility to decorate and arrange your home as you wish and with an almost infinite personalization (choice of structure, glazing, etc.).

Glass doors come in a variety of shapes: hinged doors with hinges and handle (with or without lock) of the "Clarit" type, sliding doors on rail, swing doors of the "Securit" type on the brake.


We can offer you many possibilities of doors and glass partitions (hinges, profiles and parts with different finishes and shapes) and various glazing according to the use and the aesthetics sought (transparent glass, tempered or laminated, acid frosted, printed , Glazing with variable opacity, etc.).

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