The aluminum / wood and aluminum / PVC SYMA (SYBAIE) joineries are high-performances multi-material joineries that allow marrying aluminum outside with PVC or wood inside. These windows are made up of multiple insulation chambers made of PVC ensuring the thermal bridge. They also allow you to harmonize your interior by mixing colors and materials, while maintaining an identical façade.

Mixed windows can be manufactured in a fixed frame, with bellows, French opening or tilt and turn to conveniently ventilate your home. There is also a sliding multi-material aluminum exterior / woodinterior, the SYMA.s which is a modern system with a flush sill threshold and which allows an important gain of light and a total opening.

Improving the thermal insulation provided by replacing your old joinery with multi-material joinery can save energy and benefit from reduced VAT and a tax credit (Under certain conditions: Energy transition tax credit)

We sell and install mixed joinery aluminum / wood and aluminum / PVC of the brand SYBAIE (group MILLET) and we will advise you according to your needs

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