12 janvier 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

The all Miroiterie Vallanzasca team wishes you a Happy New Year 2021!
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17 décembre 2020

Year-end closure

Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be closed from Tuesday December 22 at 6 p.m. until Monday January 4 at 1:30 p.m.

We wish you happy end of year celebrations!
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09 novembre 2020


We remain open during containment.
The Miroiterie being part of the so-called essential shops authorized to remain open during confinement, we will be open at our usual hours.
We, of course, maintain a reinforced sanitary protocol and thank you for respecting the barrier gestures in force and the wearing of a mask when you come.
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03 août 2020

Summer break 2020

This summer your mirror will be close from thursday august 6 at 6p.m until monday august 31 at 1:30p.m.

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28 juillet 2020

Anglais A new cutting table at Miroiterie Vallanzasca.


Recently a new tool joined our workshop. And what a tool! A new cutting table that will save us time and make the work of our team a little less taxing.

But what does it have more than the previous one? Well it has a laminate cutting deck!


But what is it ?

First, you have to remember how laminated glass is made: it consists of a glass plate, a film, and a new glass plate. It’s the same system as a sandwich after all. And precisely to cut this type of glass, it is necessary to be able to cut the two plates and the film. To make a cut, it took time and effort: you had to cut the glass on one side, turn the glass over to cut the other side, then finish "breaking" the cut to have access to the film to be placed. the fire to heat it and succeed in cutting it… With a cutter manually!

Pfiou, what effort and time!


Today, thanks to technology, this whole process is done using a machine.

The laminated glass plate to be cut is blocked between two pressers, then an arm armed with two small blades, above and below the glass, cuts the plate. On the way back, a wooden wheel “breaks” the cut in the top glass, then a line of wood “breaks” the bottom one. Finally, the machine heats the film so that the two sheets of glass can be pushed apart and the film cut using a third blade.

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04 juin 2020

Protect Shield at the Vallanzasca mirror shop !

But what is it ? Developed by Bandalux, the protect shield blinds provide effective protection against the circulation of the Covid19. Composed of a Crystal fabric (specific PVC fabric to improve transparency) of 0.5 mm thick, these blinds guarantee protection against projections (eg postilions) to minimize the risk of spread of the virus. This material in addition to being self-extinguishing is very simple to clean (chamois leather and isopropyl alcohol or soapy water simply).

At the Vallanzasca mirror factory, we have made it a priority to protect our team as well as that of our customers. And we know how close the person is to a better understanding of your project, which is why we installed our store protect shield at the reception. It will allow you to be protected while keeping this social bond essential to the good understanding of your project.

We welcome you again at the usual hours for all your projects and needs. Come see us armed with your masks.
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28 avril 2020

HYGIAPHONES standard or custom-made

We offer (supply and / or installation) solutions to protect your employees and your customers and limit the risks: hygienic glass or plexiglass in standard or custom sizes. These are to be placed on a counter, an office or in front of a store cash register and are provided with a document pass / card terminal.

Consult us by email or phone for more information!
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16 avril 2020

Transparent plexiglass protections made-to-measure

Prepare for post-lockdown recovery!

To protect yourself and limit contamination as much as possible, consider installing transparent hygienic devices.

We manufacture them to measure in our workshop and can optionally provide holes for fixing or passing documents.

We can also deliver and install on request.

Contact us by phone or email every morning so that we can best advise you according to your needs.
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07 avril 2020


Dear customers,


La Miroiterie Vallanzasca partially reopened on Tuesday April 7 at 8 a.m. We are currently only open mornings from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Orders will only be taken by phone or email, with our reception desk currently closed to the public. Removal of goods will be reserved for professionals and will be done directly at the workshop, respecting the protocol in place.

We thank you for your understanding for any delay or failure during this particular period and remain at your disposal by email and telephone to respond to all your requests.


Thank you for your trust and take care of yourself.


The Miroiterie Vallanzasca Team
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17 mars 2020

Closed to the public

Dear customers,
Following the official announcements of March 16, Miroiterie Vallanzasca is closed until further notice.
However for emergency interventions (urgent glass break or need in plexiglass for protection of people) we can be contacted by email only at
For all other requests we ask you to be patient: we will answer you when the activity resumes completely.

Take care of yourself and others!

Thank you for your understanding,
The Miroiterie Vallanzasca Team
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10 mars 2020

The evolution of the CITE in 2020

The 2020 finance law aims to permanently abolish the CITE by 2021. It will be gradually replaced by an energy transition bonus.


Ma Prime Rénov’ is intended for the poorest households, according to income ceilings set by the ANAH (National Housing Agency).

However, the CITE is maintained in 2020 for households that can’t benefit from this bonus and that meet the eligibility conditions.




CITE 2020 in summary:

- be the owner of their main residence for at least 2 years

- expenses between January 1 and December 31

- can be combined with eco-PTZ

- means test

- work carried out: heating and sanitary hot water (gas boiler with very high energy performance; heating regulation / programming devices; air / water and geothermal heat pump, etc.); insulation of opaque and glazed walls; accompanying measures.


Note: it is possible to benefit from the conditions of CITE 2019 for expenses paid in 2020, in the event of acceptance of a quote and payment of a deposit in 2019. In this case, the taxpayer can’t benefit from MyPrimeRénov '.


Ma Prime Rénov' 2020 in summary:


- merger of CITE and ANAH grants

- in 2020, only concerns resident owners

- paid during the year of means-tested works

- cumulative with local aid, energy saving certificates, eco-PTZ, reduced VAT

- work carried out: thermal insulation of the glass walls, front walls and gable; installation of an energy efficient and ecological heating system; individual biomass boiler; the pellet stove, or logs and the air / water or geothermal heat pump; connection to a heating network; installation of a charging system for an electric vehicle; removal of an oil tank or carrying out an energy audit.


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31 janvier 2020

Exceptional closing on February 12 and 13, 2020

Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be closed exceptionally on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 February due to team training.
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10 janvier 2020

Equip yourself with blinds integrated in insulating glass!

Do you want to better protect yourself from the sun and isolate yourself from neighboring eyes? The double glazing fitted with integrated venetian blinds can be lifted and swiveled and allow you to further control the sun protection of your accommodation. They work with maneuvers by cord, sliding cursor or electric (wired or solar).


Practical and very aesthetic, these glazings with integrated blinds adapt to all spaces and can therefore be placed in offices, and in any type of window in a house or apartment.


This product is the ideal solution for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms because it is very easy to maintain. It allows, in summer, a partial concealment according to the inclination of the slats and, in winter, a maximum diffusion of light.


We are at your disposal to inform you in our showroom in Sallanches where we will be able to present these products in more detail if they interest you.

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06 janvier 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

The entire Miroiterie Vallanzasca team wishes you a happy new year 2020 
and wishes you all the best.
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02 septembre 2019


Entreprise :

La Miroiterie Vallanzasca est une entreprise d’une quinzaine de personnes basée à Sallanches (74), spécialisée dans la fourniture et la pose de produits verriers, menuiseries PVC et aluminium, volets roulants et stores.

 Poste à pourvoir et compétences clés :   POSEUR-MONTEUR en miroiterie, vitrerie, menuiseries PVC et aluminium et fermetures

Vous travaillez en binôme et serez chargé(e) d'effectuer les travaux suivants :

- Pose et remplacement de vitrages, pare-douches, crédences en verre, garde-corps, dalles de sol, etc.

- Pose de menuiseries aluminium et PVC, stores et volets roulants.

Vous intervenez principalement au domicile de particuliers dans un rayon d’environ 30 kms autour de Sallanches.

Vous avez le goût du travail bien fait et un bon esprit d'équipe.

Vous faites preuve de dextérité manuelle et vous avez le sens de la relation clients. 

Conditions d'emploi :

. CDD évolutif en CDI

. Salaire selon expérience et qualification

. Formation possible sur les produits

. Compléments de salaire, avantages : mutuelle, tickets restaurant, intéressement, chèques vacances…

. Poste à pourvoir immédiatement


Merci d’envoyer un CV et une lettre de motivation à l’entreprise.

Email :



604 rue du Général de Gaulle - BP 35


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30 août 2019

Miroiterie Vallanzasca equips itself with a new handling tool for glazing

Miroiterie Vallanzasca is equipped with a glass lifter that can lift glass from 350 kg up to 6 meters!

This tool complements the equipment already used at the Miroiterie and will allow us to install glazings up to 350 kgs in height (guardrail on mezzanine,

installation or replacement of insulating glazing with vacuum on living room or simply supplying glazing gates...) and to serve you better.
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02 août 2019

Summer break 2019

This summer, Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be closed from Thursday, August the 1st at 6 pm to Monday, August the 26th at 1:30 pm.

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30 mai 2019

Closure the Ascension week-end

Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be exceptionally closed on May 30 and 31, 2019.

We will welcome you again from Monday, June 3rd at 1:30 pm.

Good weekend of Ascension to all!
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20 décembre 2018

Window renovation works eligible for CITE 2019

After many performance simulations, explanations and proposals, renovations of old windows have just been reintroduced into the works eligible for CITE 2019.
The National Assembly finally adopted, on the night of 18/12, the amendment based on the proposal of the glazed wall die. The latest study, jointly conducted by CSTB and ADEME, showed that changing windows contributes effectively to improving the energy performance of dwellings. In summary :

Is eligible for the energy transition tax credit in 2019, the acquisition of thermal insulation materials glazed walls, provided that these same materials are replacing walls single glazed. For the acquisition of thermal insulation materials for glazed walls, the tax credit applies within the limits of expenditure ceilings for glazed walls replaced and fixed by joint order of the Ministers in charge of energy, housing and building. budget. The CITE rate for 2019 should be 15% on the supply of equipment capped at € 100 per window. This rate and this amount, indicated in the adopted amendment, are taken from the proposals of the glazed wall die. They still have to be confirmed by order. The technical and eligibility criteria must also be confirmed.
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19 décembre 2018

Year-end closure

The Miroiterie will be closed from Thursday, December the 20th at 6 pm until Thursday, January the 3rd at 8 am.

Our whole team wishes you a happy holiday season.

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31 octobre 2018

Autumn break : 1st and 2nd of November

Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be closed the 1st and 2nd of November.


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12 juillet 2018

Summer break 2018

This summer, Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be closed from Thursday, August the 2nd at 6 pm to Monday, August the 27th at 1:30 pm.

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27 avril 2018

Spring Break

We will be closed two weeks this spring 2018 from April 27 at 5 pm until May 14 at 1.30 pm. 

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13 février 2018

Decorative glasses to highlight your home...

Discover new patterns of glass for your shower screens, glass doors or partitions... to decorate your interior with transparency.

We are at your disposal for information on these products.
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05 février 2018

Recruitment:MEASURER / CONSTRUCTION MANAGER in mirrors, glazing, PVC and aluminum joinery and closures

Miroiterie Vallanzasca is a company of around fifteen people in Sallanches (74), specializing in the supply and installation of glass products, PVC and aluminum joinery, shutters and stores.

Job vacancy and key skills:
In the perspective of a retirement replacement, we are looking for a measurer / construction manager:
Theoretical and procedural knowledge
. Knowledge of glass products, aluminum products, PVC, building closures (training possible)
. Control of the regulation of implementation
. Mastery of computer science (knowing the different software of DTP would be a plus)
. Have the driving license
Knowledge of the action
. For complex files, know how to communicate with architect partners, etc., and coordinate a response with the technical staff or manager to refine the information
. Adjust your arguments according to the customer and understand the customer's needs and advise them technically
. Know how to assess business risks: study the technical feasibility within the deadlines and assess the solvency of the client
. Know how to realize the price of the measurement according to the type of installation
. Anticipate in the orders compared to the realization of the building sites
. Know how to advise the installers to put a doubt on the installation or on all the products which are less common to pose
Professional behaviors
. Be vigilant and organized in the follow-up of construction sites
. To be rigorous in the application of the rules of security for oneself and the team of installers
. Communicate with and provide technical support to installers
. Know your limits and submit to others your prescription before communicating to the client, especially in the complex cases
. Listen to the client in order to properly analyze their needs
. Be rigorous in the realization of quotes
. To know how to argue according to the client and lead the know well to guide the questioning

Conditions of employment:
. 6-month fixed-term contract before a permanent contract
. Salary according to experience and qualification
. Training on products possible
. Salary supplements, benefits: service vehicle, mutual, restaurant vouchers, interest, holiday vouchers.
. Position to be filled immediately

Please send a CV and a cover letter to the company.

604 rue du General de Gaulle - BP 35

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12 janvier 2018

Practical information: how to choose the glass of your windows

Discover in the attached images Storistes de France's tips (in French) to choose the glass of your windows.

For more information and advice, you can call Miroiterie Vallanzasca at +33 (0)4 50 58 05 08 or visit our showroom at 604 rue du General de Gaulle in Sallanches where our team will advise you according to your project.

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05 janvier 2018

Happy New Year!

The whole Miroiterie Vallanzasca team wishes you a very happy new year 
and all the best for 2018!
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21 décembre 2017

Year-end closure

The Miroiterie will be closed from Thursday, December 21st until Wednesday, January 3rd at 8 am.


Our whole team wishes you a happy holiday season.

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08 octobre 2017

Practical information : the procedures to replace your windows in France

Clicking on these images will give you some advice (in French) on how to replace your windows in a single-family home as well as in a condominium.

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14 septembre 2017

Battle Déco Storistes de France

Until September 27th, play to win a voucher worth € 2,000 at Storistes de France and lots of other gifts!

To play, click here

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05 septembre 2017

The glass industry: a sector of the future

Miroiterie and glass jobs require great expertise and are constantly evolving. The sector offers good prospects with qualifications sought by companies.

Inquire today!

For more information, you can contact the French Federation of Glass Professionals (FFPV) (french) or consult the map and profiles of the Miroiterie industry (french).

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03 août 2017

Summer break 2017

This summer, Miroiterie Vallanzasca will be closed from Thursday, August the 3rd at 6 pm to Monday, August the 28th at 1:30 pm.

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15 mai 2017

Light on a project: a cassette blind for lateral protection

Discover the Protect Side blinds: equipped with a micro-perforated technical fabric, this cassette blind offers a visual protection but also lateral protection against wind and sun. Its cassette is fixed to the wall and it unfolds to a reception pole. It is easy to use and very easy to maneuver thanks to its adjustable handle. They exist in rectangular or trapezoidal form.

Here you will find pictures of two different layouts of this blind, a rectangular and a trapezoid, on a patio and on a balcony.


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25 avril 2017

Light on a project: glass stair railings

We installed there on a staircase several rampant and rectangular railings made of extra-clear toughened laminated glass with free edges.

This creation has a refined design that combine security and transparency and its installation highlights the glazing and brings a lot of light.

For more information : Railings

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12 avril 2017

Spring break

The Miroiterie will be closed from Friday, April 14, 2017 at 5:30 pm until Monday, April 24 at 1:30 pm.

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13 mars 2017

From March 13 to 31: Promotions on blinds

Take advantage of your terrace this summer thanks to the blinds Storistes de France. And in addition, at the moment enjoy the led lighting offered and up to -20% on all exterior and interior blinds. For a house even more beautiful and pleasant to live even in summer!

At Storistes de France, we design with you your terrace awning. We manufacture it tailor-made in France to guarantee you an impeccable quality. At your disposal, we customize your blind: dimensions, colors of fabric and structure, engine, wind / sun sensors ... and we take care to put it to the rules of the art.
At the moment, we offer you LED lighting * to enjoy longer summer evenings. In addition, other exterior blinds and interior blinds benefit from an exceptional reduction of up to 20% **.


* Offer valid for all Vogue and Corfou sunshades (LEDs positioned in the arms of the blind) and models Balnéa and Sierra (LED positioned under headband under the trunk) composed of 2 arms with motorization. LEDs of an amount between 910 € and 1695 € TTC (10% VAT according to legislation in force) according to model, dimensions and motorization system. Price 2017. Order placed during the promotion period. Offer not combinable with current promotions or discounts already granted. ** See conditions in store. Non contractual photo.

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10 mars 2017

Light on a project: custom shower screens in Mont-Blanc Valley

This shower screen with two fixed fixtures and a clear tempered glass door with bright chrome hinges is one of our recent achievements.

It's at the same time useful and pleasant: both protective wall and transparent decoration...


For more information on custom-made glass shower screens, see Shower screens

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24 janvier 2017

Special Promotion from January 23 to February 6, 2017

Special promotion from 23 January to 6 February 2017 on certain Storistes de France products

Are you planning to change your windows, shutters, front door, awning or garage door? Want to bring an extra elegance to your home, give it a real cachet?

By choosing Storistes de France you opt for tailor-made support and solutions, quality materials and the assurance of a French manufacture.

We accompany you with advice until installation. Come and discover all our solutions to beautify your house or better isolate it!

Until February 6th, take advantage of -25% on the whole catalog *. And benefit from 30% tax credit on many products ** We are certified RGE (recognized environmental guarantor), which entitles you in addition to 30% tax credit ** On many products, up to € 16,000!

*Offer valid on all products at the Storistes de France brand of the 2017 catalog, excluding Evoluence Premium carpentry and armored doors Picard Locks, for a minimum purchase of 600 € TTC, excluding installation, on estimates accepted and past orders 23/01 to 06/02/2017 inclusive, at participating points of sale. Offer not combinable with current promotions or discounts already granted. ** According to legislation in force. Illustration not contractual.

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11 janvier 2017

Light on a project: Installation of glasswork in a chalet in Megève

In this chalet we have installed various glass works including glass slabs on a footbridge, in tempered laminated extra-clear glass with polished edges, edged with leds and with guardrails in extra-clear laminated glass.

This glass walkway is an original feature in this all-wood mountain chalet.

We have also set up on this site: a glass partition, mirrors, extra-clear glass showers, shelves and guardrails.

Architect: Zanelli

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04 janvier 2017

Happy New Year 2017

The whole Miroiterie team wishes you a Happy New year.

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22 décembre 2016

Year-end closure

The Miroiterie will be closed from Thursday, December 22nd until Wednesday, January 4th at 8am.


Our whole team wishes you a happy holiday season.

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15 septembre 2016

Light on a project: installation of glass railing with fixing points

On this construction site, in Chamonix, we installed on a staircase two rampant railings made of extra-clear toughened laminated glass (to combine security and transparency) with free edges and stainless steel fixings in the lower part.

The glazing also had polished edges and round corners at the top to provide more comfort and safety for the staircase users.

The glazed railings fixed by points allow to highlight the glazing and bring a greater transparency.

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01 septembre 2016

Facebook contest

From September the 1st to the 15th, «Find the window that resembles you» by participating in the Facebook Storistes de France contest.
To win :
- A purchase voucher of 5000 € for the purchase and installation of
Storistes de France windows
- A
Dickson in & out carpet - value 1019 € TTC
- 4
Maisons du Monde Armchairs
- 10 1-year subscriptions to Maison & Travaux magazine

To participate, go to Facebook:

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